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When words leave me astray, my body posture carries on the conversation

Dr. A.Sadraei (Elias) is a medical doctor. She is an international medical graduate (MD) and has since been practicing in the medical field, but her main medical practice is osteopathy , hands on body treatment without medicine is her expertise , with her hands she can sense, diagnose and treat her patients appropriately.

Posture is always a factor when it comes to physical and emotional stability, in her opinion if patients correct their body posture their whole system starts moving in a healthier and happier direction .In her more than 20 years of medical expertise she has realized that there is a strong connection between fascial adhesion and physical and emotional dysfunction, meaning if there is a fascial dysfunction somewhere in the body it can affect both physical and emotional aspects of your body.

What is the fascia?

Fascia is a very important part of our body, I call it an organ (under our skin) that covers our entire body from the outside like the gloves for our hands, the fascia has been designed this way and mimics our body’s structure and gives branches to all organs and muscles and covers them one by one, if something disrupts the smooth movement of the fascia, it affects the whole body physically and emotionally so correcting the body posture via correcting the fascia’s dysfunction can be a great help for reestablishing stability in our bodies.

Dr. Elias offers the services of a team of professionals such as Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists and Acupuncturists to help you obtain your correct body posture, learn how to walk, sit, sleep, even dance without worry, your movement moves the environment around you and creates uplifting vibes that radiate from you and effect everyone and everything around you. So let’s begin the journey of improvement from your body posture together and continue from there!

What we have to offer:

Structural integration, Rolfing, Faulty posture correction

The osteopath doctor evaluates your body posture and addresses the area of misalignment and then you get a complete session of osteopathy treatment that its main focus is on myofascial release. So a combination of massage and osteopathic technique will be applied to your body and the session is much more comprehensive than a regular massage session.

Freeing emotional blockage through myofascial release group workshops

In this fun and adventurous group activity, we help each other address our body’s blockage of energy and fascial adhesions and work on them together with specific types of harmonious movements that can be tailored based on individual fascial dysfunctions or each individual can express their emotional status by creating their own movements, individuals may experience some emotional release through crying or laughing.

Pelvic and Prostate Manipulation, Physical assessment

With more than 20 years of educational experience in medicine, teaching, training and working with a team of colorectal surgeons and post operation rehabilitation physiotherapists and doctors Dr. Elias is a specialist in prostate manipulation. As an osteopath physician she will assess your pelvis and prostate condition and perform prostate manipulation along with pelvic floor treatment to address any fascial adhesions and trigger points outside and inside the pelvis, this type of treatment can be an alternative option to help individuals who suffers from BPH (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia), non-bacterial Prostatitis or Erectile dysfunction. Draining the prostate through the prostate massage can help with cleaning the prostate ducts system and get rid of the excess fluids which results to a healthy prostate gland and relieves the prostate symptoms. ****The number of prostate massage sessions is based on the nature of your symptoms, diagnosis and your Urologist advice yet you should expect at least several sessions in a month.

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